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Today’s video covers 2 web browsers that still support Windows XP in 2021!

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  1. HELP… When I try and download my pal my computer comes up with your clock is ahead a private connection to my pal can't be established because your computer's time and date are uncorrect but they are actually set for the correct time in the uk can you help?

  2. XP might not be as secure in one sense, but Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla, Google and the US Government doesn't use it to spy on you by default. They do with Windows 7 and above and it gets really easy for them with Windows 10 and 11.

  3. Watching it on XP. I'm using MiniBrowser, it is a port of Chrome 87 for it. I don't know if it's secure, it's an obscure chinese browser which someone modified, so I hope they don't steal my account. There's also 360 Explorer, which is also chinese and has also been modified for it. Apart from that, the original MyPal (shown in the video) has been discontinued, the creator now develops MyPal68, which is based on Firefox 68 (as it is already the Quantum version, it's a lot more compatible and supports the new extensions, but for now it still has a lot of bugs.

  4. Let's encourage those computing geniuses to keep making top-notch usable software for old OSs like Windows XP and others (Win9x)!!
    MyPal es the web browser suitable to browse the internet on WinXP now in 2022 and coming soon in 2023!!!
    Now we all can use virtual machines to play around with the old OSs!!

  5. i tried running XP x64 but my pc had issues with drivers, i managed to get the ones that work but then i had issues with browsing the Web..
    had so many issues… now that i see this browser i may try to get XP going again..

    Loved how Lickilty Split XP x64 was on my SSD and my PC's Specs… Win 7 seems slower..

  6. Hi Michael! I've done a little experiment during my holidays that I'd like to share with you. I have on old IBM T43 laptop (with only 2GB of RAM) running Windows XP that I use for playing old games. I needed to download bots add on for CS 1.6 and was struggling with the poor internet browsing on a Firefox 52.9 ESR due to lack of current root certificates. What I did was I've taken my usb drive and exported whole certificate store from my Windows 10 computer and imported to my XP machine. It worked as a charm and I can browse the internet without any certificate related errors 🙂

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