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device – POCO F1 (6gb ram,64gb ROM) rooted , corvus os (android 10) kernel-4.9.218-LawRun*11.Q/60hz-L
CPU – snapdragon 845
CPU governance -performance (FKM)
SElinux status – permissive (for virgl overlay) fps- 25-30
links for files –

1) exagear apk

2)exagear obb

3)directx 9,10,11 link is not working

4)virgl overlay

5)SElinux mode changer



note:- i have disabled CPU core 1,2 and 3 (which i usually disable). for some reason “taskset -c 4-7” command was not working thus it was still using core 0 as a primary core (and u cannot stop core 0 in FKM) thus less performance than usual. I am now using the latest Mesa 21.0.0 libGL which has better compatibility than Mesa 19.2.1 libGL (so less graphical bugs in games) but comes at a cost of upto 20-40 % less performance. though in this particular case there isnt that much of performance loss. i also tested with Mesa 19.2.1 , it had similar performance but had lots of graphical glitches.

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