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Today,  Administrator Guzman announced the grantees for the Community Navigator Pilot Program, an initiative designed to reduce barriers that all small businesses, including those owned by disadvantaged groups such as veterans, women, and those from rural communities and communities of color, often face in accessing critical support.

The Community Navigator Pilot Program will provide $100 million in funding to 51 organizations that will work with hundreds of local groups to connect America’s entrepreneurs to government resources so they can recover and thrive. 

Read the full announcement:

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  1. It certainly seems to me that you've been working incredibly hard at accomplishing next to nothing. You're not here to help small businesses you are here for an agenda that eliminates most of the small businesses. The real backbone of the country yet you have piles of undistributed money because the myopic vision is shooting us all in the foot. The ineffectiveness of your programs and systems ends up killing all kinds of businesses. It's very much like Robin Hood in reverse.

  2. Please MISS ME with the bullshit , after SBA lied about my credit score( I screenshot my score the same day) and from then on they would hang up on me when I call. The employees and their family and friends all benefitted from it. And the grant money too! I believe my portion was taken by one of them. Don't trust them!

  3. Please consider removing the low income community requirement for the EIDL grant. You're undeserving the small business community with that requirement in place. What are you all going to do with the money left over?

  4. I have found that all the after I signed up for SBA, US Small Bus, etc. and followed the guidelines on the Grants offered at the beginning of this COVID crisis even though it took lots of time my small business did receive some help. I also found that checking the local grants – again took time but eventually I received a local Grant (lots of paperwork to file and even after the local grant given a report had to be written) it was well worth it.

  5. Wow…i wish you would focus on the damn targeted advances as much as you do making videos online..or actually get people that work for you that actually help people when they call instead of repeating things that don't apply to you then hanging up the phone.

    I like the 5 denials.. For failure to update banking information that i sent the sba on July 21st. Lol

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