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This video will show you the best export settings in Lightroom for photos going to the web.

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At some point, you will need/want to save your Lightroom adjustments in preparation for posting your photos to the web. Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect look.

How to organize your photo folders:

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  1. This clears up and explains steps that I was missing – thanks for sharing this info. I’m In the very early stages of starting a website, figuring it all out which is overwhelming. I live in the USA in Rhode Island known as the Ocean state!

  2. I have Lightroom CC on my Dell laptop. When I export my images, it doesn't give me the list you have shown on this video. For example, there is no option for 'Limit file size' and 'resolution'. So I don't want to export my images to my website without knowing the resolution and file size. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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